Susan Hockaday

We did a tremendous amount of research before deciding on Charlotte Dog Club for our new puppy. We were very impressed with their attentiveness to the animals and the health and well-being of our new addition. Our new Teddy Bear puppy checked out so very well at our vet when we took her in two days after we got her home. Her physical exam was excellent, as was her stool sample. This puppy is more than we could have hoped for and has been an absolute joy for us all. I would highly recommend Charlotte Dog Club for anyone looking for a puppy.

Jessica S.

Ready to go the same day! We loved that food, medicine, how to care for instructions and a complimentary first vets visit came with our adorable puppy! Will 100% recommend to friends and family.

Morgan Morrison

We looked everywhere to find a place we felt cared about the dogs we wanted to adopt as much as we did… Charlotte Dog Club was the place! From start to finish, there were people available or quick to respond to all of our questions! (And believe me, I had a TON!) We put a deposit on one dog, and when we arrived, we decided to go home with two! We had a few we wanted to meet in addition to our saved dog, Aislynn saw our puppy’s personality, along with our family dynamic and recommended one out of the three… Let me say, she was SPOT on! He complimented our Aura (fifi) and our family! Oslo (airbud) and Aura (fifi) are the best of friends, even though they are different breeds and sizes. I can’t imagine if we had only gone home with one! I am so very thankful with how smooth the whole process was and how much information and supplies we were given! This was THE best experience! It’s nice to know our dogs were well loved before we got them because they definitely feel like they were meant for us and our family! I love Charlotte Dog Club and have told everyone I know! This is the place to get your next family member! Be ready to fall in LOVE!!

Equanda Burney

I had a beautiful and stress-free experience with the Charlotte Dog Club. Heidi was my first puppy and they made the transition easy with the care package they provided. Their Care team was immediately available to answer all of my questions. I also appreciated how they called to ensure my fur baby was adjusting to her new home with ease. I fell in love with my baby instantly when the care team placed her in my arms. She’s a very happy, healthy, baby girl and has brought nothing but smiles and laughter to my home. I will purchase from the Charlotte Dog Club in the future. The cost of their pups are very affordable. With the staff’s passion and their excellent service, I’m surprised I didn’t pay more. Thank you all for doing what you do with superior excellence and care.

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